E2Bay Flexible Multipurpose Hands-Free Hanging Mobile Neck Holder


Compatible Devices All
Special Feature Flexible, Easy to use, Easy to carry
Colour Neck Stand


About this item

  • Buyerzone Flexible Multipurpose Hands-Free Lazy Hanging Mobile Neck Holder
  • Hands free stand clip holder mount, convenient and portable.
  • Suitable For Ergonomics – This lazy hang neck phone support,360 degree rotation flexible, give you any comfortable angle, also our eyes keep an appropriate distance to protect our vision
  • Product Color Will Be Send As Per Inventory Availability
  • If you have any queries regarding product or any complain, contact us by using buyer seller massages so we can resolve your issue earliest.
  • Suitable for any phone
  • The phone clamp is retractable
  • Fits up to 7 Inches screen
  • Rotates 360 degree
  • Package included :- 1 x Mobile Neck Stand (Multi Color)

Features and Use:

How To Use:


  • Step 1 : Rotate the screw counter clockwise
  • Step 2 : Put the screw on the joint and push it into the fixture
  • Step 3 : Tighten the screw clockwise

Extendable Holder:


  • Flexible to Rotated 360 Degrees
  • Compatible with all sizes of mobile phones, from 4.7 inches (minimum) to 7.6 inches (maximum) wide.



  • Silent Hanging Neck With High Quality Shockproof foam, non- slip Breathable
  • Flexible And flexible is not easy to collapse flat, comfortable use without pressure


Suitable for :


  • Bedrooms
  • Cars
  • Bicycles
  • Gyms
  • Offices






  • Safe enough for controlling your phone, also helps maintain distance between your eyes and phone.
  • The hands-free mount swivels for landscape or portrait orientation.

Flexible & Multitask:


  • The phone stand is super flexible, and you can bend it into any shape to meet what you needs.
  • You can use it almost anywhere.
  • It also coils up nice for better storage.
  • Perfect for traveling!




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